Month: January 2020

How to apply a loan for education

The children go to school in autumn. What if the university is not far? How can you currently pay for training without significantly impacting your personal budget? There is an option – to apply for an education loan! As part of this program, the bank will transfer money directly to the university – and you’re
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Why do banks grant loans with negative interest?

Some institutes have been granting a loan with negative interest since 2017. These are loans in which the borrower has to pay back less money than was borrowed. At first glance, this is an action that is profitable for the customer. Nevertheless, financial experts warn against hasty decisions.   Negative Interest Loan – What Is
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What is a credit and how do you work with it?

Organization or SP with a cashless payment systemYou are often amazed: “What is it: the demands are growing every month and growing like a snowball?” Someone will say that this is good – products (services) are in demand and can do the calculation You wait a while. But don’t flatter yourself – basically this increase
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